Does an area's cuisine indicate it's racial demographics?

Oftentimes, we go to a town we’ve never been to and notice, “There are a lot of Asian restaurants here!” Does that have a tendency to correlate to there actually being a lot of Asian people in the area? The same can be asked about any other cuisine and its associated race. Upon initial thought, one would agree that there should indeed be a pretty close correlation. Otherwise, who else would be eating there, cooking there, etc…?

Cloudflare vs Google DNS

On March 31st, 2018, Cloudflare pulled the ultimate April Fool’s prank. Cloudflare, the world’s largest and leading content delivery network, partnered with APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre) to create two new public DNS resolvers, on and Only thing is, this wasn’t an April Fool’s prank. This was real. Cloudflare pulled this stunt to the everyone’s shock and is now in the leagues of Google DNS, OpenDNS, and other DNS providers.

Rising China Consumer Debt Outlook

The Chinese consumer market used to be hailed as the epitome of household saving and frugality. Prior to 2010, China was considered a rock, practically immune to major debt effects. These days though, China’s increased leverage in their consumer markets paints a very different image, as it may not be the steadfast rock as it once was. Debt By the Numbers A recent report showed that currently, household debt in China has nearly triped from ¥329.